SHORT HILLS, NJ - The Boy Scouts of Troop 17 are looking to support their brother scouts in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the current Scouts of Troop 17 recall the devastating flooding and fires that affected families and friends during Hurricane Sandy. These memories are haunting, as recovery still continues five years later.

Jim McKenna, Troop 17 Committee Chairman said, "Part of the Scout oath is the help other people at all times. I am very pleased that our Scouts are living the oath and taking the initiative to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey."

In the spirit of brotherhood, doing a good turn daily and by being helpful under the Scout Law, Troop 17 is reaching out to friends and neighbors for assistance in raising funds for Scouts in need in the Houston area. The Scout year is about to begin and many troops have lost all their gear.  

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Gabriel Liwschitz, First Class Scout said, “This initiative will positively impact the lives of each scout affected by this unfortunate natural disaster.”

Troop 17 hopes to provide affected troops with basic camping equipment (tents and sleeping gear) to ease their spirits and provide a bit of cheer.  

There are a few possible ways we can help.  

The first, is to donate via the GoFundMe link below:

The second, is to send a check payable and addressed to Troop 17, to the following address: 29 Bailey Road, Millburn, NJ 07041