A group of five Glenwood School students learning Indian dance at a Short Hills school performed at a Livingston cultural festival on Sunday afternoon.
The students, Vaani L. Varma, Sairohan Dayanidhi, Sarvajit Mahadevan, Veda Prathipati and Suhas Prathipati, learn Bharatanatyam at Mudra Natyalaya under Ms. Charanya Mahadevan.
On June 14, they enacted a dance-drama called "Naughty Krishna." In Indian mythology, Krishna is said to love milk, butter and yogurt and the play showed the extent to which he would go to procure these.
 Veda and Vaani, two little girls, churned butter on stage and then went to play by the river. Meantime, Krishna (Sarvajit), and his friends, played by Sairohan and Suhas, came by and formed a human pyramid to steal the butter from a pot hanging from the ceiling. The girls returned and were shocked to see what the naughty boys were up to and chased them away.
Veda and Vaani also explained to the audience what Bharatanatyam means: "Bha" stands for Bhava, which means expression, "ra" stands for raga, which is tune, "ta" means thalam or beat and "natyam" stands for dance-drama.
They also asked the audience which animals they were pretending to be and went on to portray bees, elephants, deer, monkeys and peacocks.