SHORT HILLS, NJ – Short Hills has been ranked as the richest community in America by the data aggregating website FindTheBest, which used information from the U.S. Census Bureau to crete its list.

FindTheBest sifted the data from its American Community Survey of five-year averages for U.S. zip codes with a population greater than 10,000 looking for the percentage of households earning more than $150,000 per year and found Short Hills to have 69.4 percent of households hitting the mark.

The study also found that Short Hills has the highest percentage among the top-ten richest towns for advanced degrees held by residents, with 51 percent of residents holding advanced degrees.  

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The study also found Short Hills to be the oldest of the 10 architecturally, with a median home construction year of 1952.

The rest of the top ten were:

2. Fairfax Station, Virginia

3. Weston, Connecticut

4. Great Falls, Virginia

5. Chappaqua, New York

6. Potomac, Maryland

7. Clarksville, Maryland

8. Darien, Connecticut

9. Southlake, Texas

10. McLean, Virginia

Editor's Note: A portion of this story referring to standardized test scores has been removed, as the source data used has been deemed incomplete.