SHORT HILLS, NJ – The Sparrows took to the field on Sunday for their first outdoor practice of the 2016 Millburn/Short Hills baseball season at The Deerfield School.

Sparrows Head Coach Rick Horne will be managing the team with Assistant Coaches Stuart Green, Gunther Seeger and Tim Neary. 

M/SH Youth Baseball is open to children from First Grade to 12 years of age and Senior League players, ages 13-15 years of age.  Most games will be played at Gero Park.  The first league game, between the Bulls and Clippers, will start on Mar. 28.  Sparrows will have their opener on Mar. 29 against the Falcons.

For those who are interested in umpire training, the final session will be held on Wednesday, Mar. 23.  For additional information and a game schedules, please visit the M/SH Youth Baseball site for more information.