MILLBURN, NJ - Lights, Camera, Action! When the curtains opened, the 9th annul Millburn High School Talent Show had begun.

The beautifully choreographed and executed performances that these high school kids put on rival the hit TV shows of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.

From the beginning, it was clear that the kids who performed in the show were very talented and have practiced for a long time. Performers of all talents took the stage and really gave the audience a show. The judges of these performances were high school teachers. From singers such as Lenard Santos to spectacular dancers like Hassan Syed, the performers blew the crowd away.

Many of the performances really “rocked the house” and made the audience feel like they were a part of the show. One dancer named Laurel told the that “it was really exciting to see everyone cheer as we danced up on stage.”

The few performances that really stuck out were the Asian Club’s dancing rendition of Gangnam Style, a Korean pop song, and one young man named Hassan Syed, who performed a freestyle dance to a variety of music genres. All these performers competed to win the $50 grand prize. Chris, one of the emcees and performer in both a solo act and the Asian Club, said if he won the prize, he was "spending it at Wendy's."

Everyone who performed deserved to win, but of course there could be only one. As the talent continued to improve, it was clearly going to be a close decision. As the judges continued to deliberate, performers voluntarily performed again for the audience’s enjoyment.

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When the results were announced, the Asian Club received an honorable mention and a round of applause from the audience. In second place, there was a tie between piano player Jeffery Lai and singer Lindsey Maron. They both received $30 as a prize.

The winner of the talent show was Hassan Syed, whose freestyle dance moves impressed the judges.

The people watching the performance said they enjoyed seeing so many people with such amazing talents. One audience member told “I just can’t believe some of them can dance like that.” Nobody could find anything wrong with how the night played out and everyone had a great time.

The event was also a great way to raise money to help people with tetanus around the world. It is supported by the EliMiNaTe Project, which is an organization that takes the money raised and uses it to fight tetanus. It is great to know that while enjoying the great performances that people are actually helping, as Emcee Karen Fitch put it “save a life."