On this last Friday of the school year, as I joined parents of our youngest students at the Millburn Integrated Preschool Graduation, I couldn’t help thinking that in the blink of an eye these 4 & 5-year-olds will be joining the ranks of our Millburn High School graduates.  These events are always among the highlights of my year, as I watch our students in all grades celebrate their successes, move on to the next grade, or take the next step in their academic journey. Celebrate and enjoy these moments! It’s a good time to share an article I came across this week on Raising Happy Kids, although all the kids I see look pretty happy as we head into summer vacation months!


We will celebrate and say farewell to 21 dedicated professionals who are taking the next step in their life journey at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting. Our 2017-2018 class of retirees has served our students and district for a total of 411 years. Please join us on Tuesday to thank them and wish them health and happiness! 

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This year’s retirees are:

Barbara Austin, Wyoming; Robert Barkovitz, MHS; Rodger Blind, MHS; James Colabelli, Glenwood; Karen Conrad, MHS; Arlene DeMaio, MMS; Pauline Dobbins, MMS; Jacqueline Duskin, MHS; Dale Fritchman, MHS; David Huneryager, MMS; Kathy Lisante, MMS; Janice Luftig, Wyoming; Valerie Martin, Wyoming; Rene Matatia-Slater, Wyoming; John Quinn, Glenwood; Frank Ruggiero, MHS; Sheri Sandler, South Mountain; Evelyn Smolenski, South Mountain; Albert VanEerde, MHS; Patricia Whitehouse, MMS; and Candace Wildy, Education Center. 

Please note that next week’s Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, at 7:45 pm at the Ed Center to avoid a conflict with the township’s annual President’s Cup race on Monday.  In addition to our retiree celebration, I will share a preview of the projects that will take place at all of our buildings this summer, and Assistant Superintendent Kyle Arlington will present an update on the progress of district goals – including a student perspective.

Education Foundation Grants

I want to thank the Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills who recently announced their donation of $150,000 that will fund grants requested by our teachers, staff and parents for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  We appreciate all of the community members who support this organization by volunteering, fundraising and attending the events that provide so much to our schools and students. I cannot emphasize enough how important their support is in providing programs, equipment, and innovations in our classrooms that enhance teaching and learning in ways that the district would not afford under our yearly budget.  


You can help them fulfill more wishes next year by becoming a member, attending their events, volunteering and donating. Take a look at their website for a complete list of this year’s grants that will benefit all eight Millburn Schools with state of the art equipment and innovative programs.