Thank you to all of the parents and community members who came out on Wednesday night to hear Dr. Robert Brooks talk about raising resilient children. He inspired our parents and teachers, and everyone walked away with something to take home. There were lessons for all of us, no matter where you are in life.  Whether in your role as parent, son, daughter, husband, wife, teacher, employee, or boss, the message to be empathetic, and to look for the strengths in our children and others is something we should never forget.  Here is a list of 10 takeways shared by one parent.   


We are often reminded of these important lessons by our own students, who are showing us what really matters: 

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 Just today, students at Washington School participated in a Walk-a-thon inspired by the bookJust Add Water, the true story of Salva Dut's journey from South Sudan to the founding of Water for South Sudan. After reading the book, students in Mrs. Patricia Murphy’s class wanted to find a way to support this cause.

With PE teacher Mike Hogan’s help, they came up with the idea to hold a walk-a-thon around the school & field that included obstacles representing “crossing the river,” “climbing through woodlands,” “crossing bridges”, all while carrying heavy water jugs. What a great example of community spirit and character-building.  Donations will go to the Water for South Sudan organization. We are hoping to have the students tell their story at an upcoming Board of Education meeting. 

Middle School students were also helping others last night during their 9th annual Empty Bowls event to raise money and awareness about hunger in our local communities.  The MMS Evening of Excellence provided demonstrations of student work in each of their classrooms and a sneak preview of the upcoming musical Shrek (get your tickets now!).  

description: macintosh hd:users:nancy.dries:google drive:makerfest:img_0206.jpgThere was also a display of projects designed during yesterday’s 2nd annual MMS MakerFest. 

Coming up on March 24, is a charitable event for the entire community: an evening of basketball with Millburn All Stars vs. NFL playerssponsored by the Senior Celebration 2018 Committee. They are working with the Lonnie Allgood Dreams for Kids Foundation to bring you this exciting experience for kids of all ages. Come see your Millburn teams – Police and Firemen, High School & Middle School players, shoot hoops against NFL players. 

Lonnie Allgood, former NFL player, will also be talking to students at Washington School and the Middle School next week about leadership, respect, resiliency, stress & making good choices.  Come out to support your teams, and two great organizations. Get your tickets now:

Celebrations of heritage and culture begin next week with international nights at Wyoming and Hartshorn Schools, and the following week at Glenwood & Deerfield. We are proud to acknowledge and celebrate the cultural diversity that makes Millburn great.

Wishing everyone the luck of the Irish this weekend!