This is the first of two end-of school letters. Look for our summer reminders coming tomorrow.
Today I want to notify you of some recent personnel appointments and staff moves that have been approved by the Board of Education. When you return next year you will see many new faces, or faces in new places.
District Administrators:

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Technology Director: Evan Abramson will be joining us at the helm of the Technology Department beginning July 1. He is coming to Millburn from New Brunswick Public Schools. 
Supervisor of Instructional Support, Professional Development & Assessment, Grades 8-12: Greg Jablonski. He comes to us from Vernon Township School District. 

Supervisor of Instructional Support, Professional Development & Assessment, Grades 5-8: TBA 

These are new positions created to support the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Assessment, as well as building administrators.

Washington School – Principal Peter Mercurio and Instructional Supervisor Kerry Emmanoulidis

In addition to the previously announced administrators, we have hired a few additional key personnel:
School Nurse: Patricia O’Gorman

School Secretaries -- Cynthia Todd (moving from Wyoming), and Amruta   Supanekar-Khalap

A list of the initial Washington School staff is posted on the Referendum/Washington School website, but we anticipate additional moves and changes, so watch that space for updates. 
Millburn Middle School – Principal John Connolly

Vice Principal – Luisa Estevez-Young (formerly MMS Program Chair)

School Nurse -- Marybeth Clark
Wyoming School -- Principal Kristin Mueller

Instructional Supervisor: Michael Mongon, (moving from South Mountain School, 4th grade teacher)

School Secretary – Jill Vaccaro (moving from Glenwood School)
Special Services

Elementary Supervisor of Special Services, Brian Rogoff (coming from Caldwell-West Caldwell Public Schools)

There will be some movement of Child Study Team personnel around the district. Parents had the opportunity to meet the Child Study teams earlier in the month, and you will be alerted of any changes to your child’s team.
This is just a sampling…as happens every summer we will continue to hire new and leave replacement teachers, and make other changes as requirements warrant. We will update these lists as we get closer to school re-opening. 
Please join me in welcoming our new staff. 
Where in the World is Dr. Burton?

If you are looking for Education Center staff over the next couple of weeks, you will find us in the High School. We will be setting up shop over there as the roof is replaced on our building.   
Happy first day of summer!