It’s hard to believe this is the end of the school year. As I look back at some of our achievements from this year – passing the Referendum, seeing construction underway for the opening of Washington School in September, our Health & Wellness initiatives, I am pleased to see the growth and changes that have occurred. I am proud of the exceptional day-to-day teaching and learning in our district, and am looking ahead to next year as we continue and enhance our great work. I thank parents, teachers, and staff for all of your dedication and support in these endeavors. 
Now is a time for looking forward. Next week we will celebrate moving up ceremonies in our elementary and middle schools. For parents it can be bittersweet, yet exciting to see the growth and advancement from the beginning of the year to the end. Make sure to recognize those achievements with your children. Parents of seniors have much to celebrate as their students begin their weeklong graduation activities today. Thanks to our Senior Celebration Committee, whose tireless efforts provide safe, substance-free activities for our students, including Prom and a graduation night cruise. For some more tips on celebrating safely this season and summer, take a look at this letter from Nancy Kislin and MMAC. Commencement takes place on Thursday, June 22 at 11 a.m. at Millburn High School. Congratulations to all!
Please note our Board of Education meeting is on Tuesday next week, so as to avoid conflict with the President’s Cup Race through town. We will be presenting the semi-annual residency update, and a Health & Wellness year in review and a view to the future. 
As promised, here is the update on the results of Glenwood Odyssey of the Mind teams at the World Finals: Glenwood sent 6 teams to compete in 5 different problems at the finals at Michigan State. For problem two (Odd-a-Bot), Glenwood B came in 18th, and Glenwood A came in 22nd out of 54 teams.  For problem three (Classics…It’s Time Omer), Glenwood A came in 8thout of 66 teams.  For problem four (Ready, Set, Balsa Build!), Glenwood A came in 4th, and Glenwood B came in 10th out of 43 teams.  And, for problem five (To Be Continued…A Superhero Cliffhanger), Glenwood A came in 3rd out of 70 teams.  An amazing job done by all!