I am writing in support of Dr. Rupali Wadhwa, candidate for the Millburn Board of Education.  Dr. Wadhwa is qualified in every way to serve on the Board. I am proud to recommend to our community someone who is passionate about public school education and has the desire and willingness to serve us.

I have known Rupali Wadhwa as a friend and neighbor since she arrived in Millburn and I worked with her on numerous local events.  She is dedicated and  organized and I have seen her balance her life as a mother of two young children who are thriving here in our schools,as a medical professional who runs a successful orthodontic practice, as a marathon athlete and a neighbor whom we can always count on to be there.

She and her husband, a financial consultant in NYC, have put roots down in our town and have made a commitment to contribute to our schools.  Rupali will unselfishly commit to being an effective Board member and she will lend her expertise as a parent, scientist, university educator and woman with extensive knowledge and experience beyond the borders of New Jersey.

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Our children are competing now in a very global world. We need to ensure that our school system keeps pace with the rapidly evolving and constantly changing demands that will be placed upon our Millburn graduates as they leave for college and begin their careers.  Dr. Wadhwa will bring a kind of knowledge and experience that does not today exist on our Board: that of someone globally educated. She has the skills, knowledge and first-hand experience of different educational systems in our country and around the world that will allow for greater discussion and opportunities to innovate in Millburn's schools.

I know that she is committed to making sure opportunities for excellence are there for ALL of the students of Millburn. I hope you will join me in giving your support to Dr. Rupali Wadhwa.