MILLBURN, NJ - The Millburn Township Committee unanimously voted to pass Resolution 16-103 authorizing TAP Millburn/Short Hills (TAP) to be designated as the official online news service for Millburn Township.  The resolution was one of 11 agenda items to be voted on during last night’s Township Committee meeting.

“I am very pleased and honored that we received this designation.  Being the official online news service won’t change the way we currently report news but it will allow us to become a greater media resource to our town,” said Jonathan Sym, TAP editor and Short Hills resident.  “Our primary aim has always been to serve the residents of Millburn Township with timely, objective news, that can be delivered free of charge.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to be an online news resource to our town.”

TAP is an independently owned and operated local news website.  It is a part of a media network that covers news in more than 50 towns in New Jersey and New York.  Rutgers and Stanford Law Alumnus Michael Shapiro of New Providence, NJ founded, formerly The Alternative Press, eight years ago and began news coverage in Millburn Township in 2011. is accredited by the New Jersey Press Association, has approximately 4 million readers and is one of the largest news organizations in New Jersey.

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TAP is the only daily online news service in Millburn Township and covers education, government, sports, arts/entertainment and community related news.  TAP’s primary source of news and news coverage is in Millburn and Short Hills.  

Businesses and organizations that advertise on the TAP website allow the local news site to publish without charging subscription fees to its readers. 

“We’re able to attract advertisers because we have a great audience of readers and subscribers.  We consistently attractive about 28,000 unique Pageviews per month and at the end first quarter of 2016 we had over 450,000 reaches on our Facebook page.  We’ve grown our readership by almost 300% in recent months and we’re working hard to increasing our media footprint,” Sym commented.  “ We offer a tremendous value to our advertisers because we charge less than most, if not all, news publications yet provide more visibility for each ad dollar spent.”

Since taking over management six months ago, Sym has started several new initiatives for the growing online newspaper such as; donating the majority of the profits to Millburn/Short Hills based charitable organizations, increasing media sponsorships for nonprofits at no cost, providing greater video coverage of news events and mentoring aspiring journalism students at Millburn High School.

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people, doing great things since my family and I moved here two years ago.  I am constantly amazed by the volunteer efforts of Millburn/Short Hills residents who give so much of their time to improving the quality of life for all of us living here.  The kids here are hard-working and talented, the township and educational leaders are unwavering in their dedication, the fireman and police officers work diligently, the list just goes on,” Sym commented.  “I feel like it’s now my duty to ensure that our people are supported in and by the media.  What can I say, I just love this town.”

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