MILLBURN, NJ - The following is a candidate statement from Ted Bourke.

Ian and I have served the community, believe we have made the town better, and have concrete ideas for Millburn’s future.

It can be tough to be incumbents - we have a track record which opens you up to criticism. Throughout this campaign, we have taken the high road  - simply trying to get the true facts about many topics out there.

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Meanwhile, our opponents have taken every shot they could about our record - especially Complete Streets. So sometimes, you must respond.  They have miscommunicated, misled, and spewed inaccuracies on every topic - our taxes, our debt, flood plans and extensively on Complete Streets.

We have an amazing town.  We have outstanding residents.  I believe in our residents.

1.  I believe that our residents will see through the rhetoric.

2.  I believe our residents will realize that our opponents have offered no true platform - unless criticism and negativity is a platform.

3.  I believe our residents will realize they have offered no concrete alternatives on any topic.

4.  I believe our residents will connect the dots on the timing of the lawsuit, and the close connections between our opponents and the owner of the company that filed it.

5.  I believe our residents will recognize that Complete Streets was born from their concerns for pedestrian safety, traffic congestion and speeding.

6.  I hope our residents recognize that Ian and I have been volunteering in this town for many years - way beyond the Township Committee.

7.  I hope our residents believe that we have served them well, and we would love the opportunity to continue doing so.

8.  I believe our residents understand that there is more to leading a town than just a big project that's in construction.

We have the experience and the track record.  We have the courage to make well planned, tough decisions ……. And be POSITIVE about it.

Ted Bourke