MILLBURN/SHORT HILLS - A township resident reported today that she was the target of two telephone scams recently.  The telephone call that she received was purportedly from the U.S. Tresury Department.  These callers have been described as threatening or abusive, and tell victims they need to make immediate payment to forestall arrest.

In the most recent scam call, the resident reported that she received a voicemail message from a David Grey originating from phone number 315-879-6842.  After alerting the Office of the Inspector General at the Treasury Department, Attorney-Advisor Patrick Parsons replied "I can confirm that it is a scam.  We'll look into the number for any investigative leads and I will work with the carrier to terminate service to the number."

If township residents receive suspicious calls or voicemails, the U.S. Treasuy advises to note the date, time and time zone of the calls so they can shut down the telephone number.  Do not reveal any personal identifiable information.

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According to the IRS, they have received 90,000 complaints to date and has identified 1,100 victims who have lost an estimated $5 million in these scams.

To file a report, email

Millburn Police reported that three days ago three residents called and stated that they had received a phone message from the same number. The message stated the caller’s name was also David Grey and that the recipient of the phone call owed back taxes to the Treasury Department. He continued by stating that if they didn’t pay, Federal charges would be filed and the individual would be arrested. The message said that they can help before it goes in front of a magistrate.  Two of the residents did not want to file reports and one of them said that he was going to go to the Police to file a report. 

All cases of reported fraud are further investigated and if it is determined the activity occurred in our jurisdiction our Detective Bureau will investigate to its conclusion. Please be aware of this situation and to report it if it occurs.