Farm & Fork Society is hosting 3 great events with UK Cookbook authors this month at The Book House.  Details below.


November 12, 6:30-8 PM

Book to Plate - Apple: Recipes from the Orchard

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The Book House, 281 Essex Street, Millburn

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! Meet Jame's Rich Author of the new cookbook APPLE: RECIPES FROM THE ORCHARD and sample some recipes! The son of a cider maker, Jame Rich's new cookbook, APPLE: RECIPES FROM THE ORCHARD, is a celebration of the fruit in all its forms, featuring over 90 recipes for sweet and savory dishes that utilize everything from the apple blossom to the fallen fruit, and all kinds of varieties. You’ll find traditional favorites alongside new experiments and flavor combinations ranging from delicate and complementary to floral, simple, bold, and sharp. It was through rediscovering some old family favorite recipes that James got the idea for the book, and a wealth of family knowledge gleaned from years watching the fruits grow and harvesting them in the orchard helped form the basis for a host of brand-new ideas, updating his heritage for a whole new generation of apple lovers. Following an introduction explaining the history of the apple, the Rich family’s background in cider making, 20 key varieties of apples and tips for sterilizing jars, chapters go on to cover: Light Bites for breakfast/brunch/lunch, Feasts offering delicious, flavorful dinner ideas, Sides and Sauces, Sweet Things and Drinks. Featuring beautiful photography throughout and a rural stylistic charm, APPLE will conjure a nostalgia for simpler times and slow living. While listening to James discuss growing up on an apple orchard and his new cookbook, guest will get to sample some of his delicious recipes from his book

Sunday, November 17 3- 5 PM and/or 6-7:30 PM 

Book to Plate - Lateral Cooking: One Dish Leads to Another

The Book House, 281 Essex Street, Millburn

From 3-5 PM, A very special Book to Plate Cookbook Club where we will be cooking from Niki Segnit's Lateral Cooking: One Dish Leads to Another. The award-winning author of The Flavour Thesaurus will sit with attendees as we taste all the recipes they cooked from her book, talk to her about her cookbook and give her feedback on how we did making her recipes! 

From 6-7:30 PM

Learn about award winning author Niki Segnit's new cookbook Lateral Cooking: One Dish Leads to Another while tasting dishes made from the cookbook. 

Niki Segnit's Lateral Cooking: One Dish Leads to AnotherA groundbreaking handbook--the "method" companion to its critically acclaimed predecessor, The Flavor Thesaurus, Lateral Cooking: One Dish Leads to Another is designed to help creative cooks develop their own recipes. Niki Segnit used to follow recipes to the letter, even when she'd made a dish a dozen times. But as she tested the combinations that informed The Flavor Thesaurus, she detected the basic rubrics that underpinned most recipes. Lateral Cooking offers these formulas, which, once readers are familiar with them, will prove infinitely adaptable.The book is divided into twelve chapters, each covering a basic culinary category, such as "Bread," "Stock, Soup & Stew," or "Sauce." The recipes in each chapter are arranged on a continuum, passing from one to another with just a tweak or two to the method or ingredients. One dish leads to another: Once you’ve got the hang of flatbreads, for instance, then its neighboring dishes (crackers, soda bread, scones) will involve the easiest and most intuitive adjustments. The result is greater creativity in the kitchen: Lateral Cooking encourages improvisation, resourcefulness, and, ultimately, the knowledge and confidence to cook by heart. 

Lateral Cooking is a practical book, but, like The Flavor Thesaurus, it's also a highly enjoyable read, drawing widely on culinary science, history, ideas from professional kitchens, observations by renowned food writers, and Segnit's personal recollections. Entertaining, opinionated, and inspirational, with a handsome three-color design,Lateral Cooking will have you torn between donning your apron and settling back in a comfortable chair.