MILLBURN, NJ - When the Internet was first unveiled, it promised to revolutionize communications for individuals and companies alike, offering blazing speed at a low price. By and large, that promise was fulfilled, according to Terry Viney, president of Millburn-based Plusfactor in your Business. But for companies trying to get their message out, the blessing was a mixed one: their reach has extended to cover the globe, but the barrage of messages that’s out there can make it difficult for a firm to actually break through the noise and connect with its target markets.

“We have fundamentally changed how we interact with each other and businesses, and we have all become digital, mobile, and social,” Viney says. “The world has, indeed, changed. But many business systems, tools, and processes have not kept up with this change. Other than their website, what have companies done to leverage the Digital Revolution that has forever changed how we communicate and market to consumers?”

Plusfactor in your Business “helps people and their businesses with communication,” explains Viney, a British expatriate with three decades of consumer goods marketing experience in the USA and UK. He started the firm more than 10 years ago, and has worked with clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to local car dealers.

“As late as 2011, the Small Business Administration listed the lack of an effective website as one of the top 10 reasons that small businesses fail,” he notes. “But in 2013, a website is not nearly enough.”

Viney is on a mission: to make a difference, working with professionals who want to make a difference, and doing something that makes a difference. When he’s not in the office or at customers’ locations, Viney is likely to be speaking at a trade association or chamber of commerce meeting, sharing his vision of how to get a message to the world in the digital market place.

“My focus is to give local businesses the tools to join or lead the Digital Revolution in their location, their market and in their industry,” he says. “Consumers are spending nearly two times more time in mobile apps than on the Web, with individuals spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps, up 35 percent from the same time last year. I ask large and small businesses why they don’t have their own customized mobile app. Then I tell them that Plusfactor can put their business in consumers’ hands 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Viney says he’s “excited” to work with local businesses, showing them how they can get positive expose for their companies and engage new prospects with e-marketing engines like Office Pro.

“OfficePro can enable them to easily create and manage contact lists, create or upload their own Web-based html templates, and create lead-capture forms,” he explains. “The Office Pro engine also offers robust analytics, and gives users the ability to launch email campaigns, automated triggers, customer relationship management tools, and Web-based sharing. These are all ‘must haves’ in today’s digital environment.”

Many businesses, especially smaller ones that can’t afford to keep specialists on staff, easily get discouraged when they try to mount their own online campaigns, Viney adds.

“But our consulting firm, along with Office Pro and other solutions we carry, can give the novice easy to use tools like pre-configured templates, industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus campaign schedulers and auto-responders, all without worrying about sending out duplicate emails,” he says. “Further, calendars, document storage, audio and video integration and other features all work together to help make the small-business owner more efficient.”

Viney’s firm also offers a variety of other services, including coaching individuals so they can reach their business and personal goals, and helping to develop presentation, networking and other skills for large and small businesses.

“There’s really no limit,” he says. “Companies are looking for ways to operate more efficiently, and once they achieve that, they want to reach their target markets. They used to do so through newspaper ads, then through television advertising, but now people just fast forward through TV ads. Instead, people today connect through
smartphones and computer tablets, and that’s how businesses need to connect with them.”

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