MILLBURN, NJ – According to the just released public elementary school rankings by, The Glenwood School is ranked the number one public elementary school in the United States. calculates their rankings based on academic grades, an overall school district experience to include facilities, sports and safety, teacher surveys and student diversity.  For their elementary school rankings, rated 51,397 elementary schools.

When learning about Glenwood’s top national ranking Dr. David Jasin, Glenwood’s principal said, “I feel very fortunate to be a part of a community with talented and curious students, expert colleagues and parents who are true partners in their childrens' education.”

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Glenwood received an overall “A+” Niche grade which reflects the academic grade as well as the district overall experience criteria they used. 

Dr. Jasin further commented, “Over the years we have been able to create a very caring community that understands the value of strong relationships in the teaching and learning process.  We have a balanced approach to the developmental needs of our students, emphasizing their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.”

Also impressive is that the top three elementary schools in Niche’s national rankings were also Millburn schools, Deerfield #2 and Hartshorn #3.  Other township schools ranked high nationally is Wyoming Elementary, ranked #5 and South Mountain at #22.  Amongst New Jersey schools, South Mountain received the #9 spot.

In addition to the elementary school rankings, they also ranked school districts as well as high schools in their 2016 ratings.  The Millburn School District ranked #2 in New Jersey, behind Princeton Public Schools, and ranked #14 out of 12,153 school districts in the country.  The single largest criteria in all the rankings, with a weight of 50% of the total, were academic grades.

Millburn High School ranked #59 in the country out of the 23,861 schools that were analyzed.  In the state rankings, Millburn HS was #12 in New Jersey.

All rating agencies have their own algorithms and benchmarks to determine their final rankings.  Depending on the criteria used, some rankings tend to be similar and some vary widely.  For example, according to U.S. News and World Report, they rank Millburn High School #14 in New Jersey similar to  However, U.S. News ranks the high school at #303 nationally whilst ranks it in the #59 slot. 

Ratings are not all based on objective data.  Many ratings agencies factor in parent surveys, extra curricular activities and “student culture” into the mix.  For instance, a school with equal academic grades and graduation rates to another may be ranked lower if the other school offers more sports programs and has better parent and student opinions.

Newsweek magazine earlier this year ranked Millburn High School as the 13th best public high school in the country.  Similar, again, to some other ranking agencies.  However, the 12 schools that were ranked higher, though also public, required entrance exams for admission where at least one school said the exams are “difficult”.  When a public high school has the discretion as to how many and whom they admit, is it fair to compare it to a school that is open admissions based?  Regardless, one can empirically state that Millburn High School, according to the Newsweek criteria, is the #1 open enrollment high school in the United States. 

Regardless of the variances in rating or admissions criteria, Millburn schools have consistently been regarded as having one of the finest educational programs in the state and country.  To sustain such a high level of success and accomplishment is a testament to the district’s leadership, teachers, parents and students.

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