MILLBURN, NJ - In today’s society, technology has become a part of life. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, people’s lives revolve around their computers and phones. Recently, Mayor Sandy Haimoff and the Millburn Township Committee asked Mike Becker of Becker Communications, a local creative agency, to create a high quality and involving video about the Township and the activities of the town. The title of the video is "Millburn USA."

The video was professionally shot over a six-month period of time and edited down to five minutes from more than 20 hours of footage. The narrative video explores all aspects of life in historic Millburn and Short Hills.

Becker, who has lived in Millburn for 38 years and is a well-known marketing professional, said he really enjoyed making the documentary. He and his crew filmed graduations, Fourth of July celebrations, sports, historic sites, and many other important events in town.

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Throughout the process, the mayor and the committee watched footage and provided Becker with feedback. He initially wanted Millburn native Anne Hathaway to narrate the video, but instead selected a mother from the community.

“I’m very happy,” he said.  “I wanted a speaker who could represent the people.”

The narrator in the video asks the question: “What is it that makes Millburn/Short Hills so special?” She answers, “Everything. It’s the people, heritage, culture, spirit, schools, and the home you come back to. It’s the unique history, landscape and architecture. It’s the small town qualities you wish for while also being nicely sophisticated and very nurturing.”

Becker gave the Township Committee a list of things he wanted to video and a script, and they approved all of it. His goal was to create a feel good video about the town that would encourage people to move there or simply learn about Millburn.

Since the release of the video, other towns have been clamoring for him to do something for them, as well. Haimoff and the Township Committee thought the video was excellent.

“They’re very happy. It’s exactly what they wanted,” Becker said.

The new website contains the video, still photographs from the video itself and a list of the websites or phone numbers of many of the most important organizations in Millburn Township. A link to the video a can also be found on the township’s website

“The goal of this Millburn project we commissioned was to integrate all aspects of the Township into one visual resource and display the information with great pride and emotion,” Haimoff said. “The aphorism ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ applies here. The narration is short and simple and the video speaks volumes including everything from the arboretum to concerts, to patriotic events to top-ranked schools.”