Letter to the Editor:

Since my name is mentioned in Mr. Wong's open letter published on WorkMoms and now posted in this publication, I feel compelled to respond.

Mr. Wong, as a member of the Millburn BOE as well as the Chairman of the Millburn Policy Committee should have realized that his submitted written comments are counter to the BOE’s own Bylaws. Was he speaking for himself or the entire Board as Chair of the Policy Committee?

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Specifically, Bylaw 0146 states: “A Board member shall not represent his/her personal opinion as the position of the Board and shall include in all formal expressions in which his/her Board affiliation is likely to be recognized, such as letters to government officials or newspapers, speeches to organizations, and the like, a statement that the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Board.” 

As to the redrafting of Policy 5111, frankly Mr. Wong is looking in the wrong direction. The senior issue is minor compared to allowing nonresident students in all the other grades to remain past Feb 1 tuition-free. 

As per the petition:
"As written, under current policy, a student’s family could rent an apartment/home in Millburn for a few months (Sept – January 31 or longer), move on/after Feb 1 to another town but stay in district schools tuition free for the remainder of the school year.

Given the District continues to refuse to annually re-register all students, the following September the student who has moved to another town can easily continue on as a student in the Millburn Schools. 

Charging a tuition to students who move but are given permission to finish out the school year will help the District keep track of which students moved the prior year."

If Mr. Wong is truly serious about protecting the interests of our community and in writing the most stringent Policy 5111, he would champion that tuition be paid past Feb 1 as well as include a mandatory annual K-12 re-registration as part of this Policy. 

Additionally, the Policy should direct the Administration to pursue all those current and all past tuition owed by non-resident students, without any exceptions. 

Mr. Wong, this is your opportunity to put this situation right. 

Please see the online petition at:   http://chn.ge/1i41iCI

Lise Chapman