SHORT HILLS, NJ - Breakfast meetings have taken on a whole new meaning with Short Hills Divorce Attorney, Karolina Dehnhard, Esq. and Keller William realtor Saritte Harel.

Harel, a long-time leader, mother and business women in the Short Hills community joined forces with Dehnhard, a divorce attorney with Budd Larner to present a power breakfast for women in the community.  Featuring Bloomberg Anchor, Betty Liu’s new iniative, Radiate, a platform to grow and mentor leaders across various industries, Harel and Dehnhard realized that their was a common financial knowledge gap among the attendees. In a room of entrepreneurs, business leaders and start-up enthusiasts who were all looking to grow their "brand," there was a common theme - many were not well-versed in the ins and outs of their family's financial picture.

Harel decided to help bridge that gap by launching a series of breakfast meetings in her own living room to help address many topics that woman are overlooking or want to “address down the road.” This included having adequate insurance, access to financial statements, balances of investments, available credit or something as simple as the outstanding mortgages on real estate in which they had an interest. All the topics look to address the same question: How can women, despite their level of ambition, grow their brands if they do not have their financial house in order?

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Dehnhard, a divorce attorney with Budd Larner, and  founder of Divorce Dynasty, was invited as the first speaker. This baseline education and access to vetted professionals is at the core of Dehnhard's platform, Divorce Dynasty, which she spoke about during the breakfast.  Made up attorneys, doctors, accountants, bankers, therapists, financial professionals, realtors, life coaches, divorce coaches, private investigators and even a matchmaker, who are each a champion of their respective roles in the divorce process, work with clients during, and after, their divorce.

The comfort of a family room with women sitting around in a safe environment lends itself to discussing topics that otherwise may seem off putting, not to mention that the information is literally delivered with the guests' morning coffee.  In presenting her coined "David Letterman's Top 10 list of What Every Smart Women Needs to Know to Protect her Ass-ets," Dehnhard touched upon topics including the power of the credit score, keeping inheritance protected, understanding a tax return, and the current status of (the ever-changing) area of family law in New Jersey.

With many breakfast meetings on the horizon, Harel and Dehnhard, with the participation of numerous other speakers on a gambit of topics, will educate the ladies of Short Hills, one cup of coffee at a time.


The next meeting is set for September 27 at 6 pm. For additional information, reach out to Karolina Dehnhard at