To the Editor:

I am writing in support of my friend Elliot Cahn, candidate for the Millburn Board of Education.

Elliot has my vote not because he's my friend and neighbor, but because I believe that he is the most qualified candidate to ensure the educational future for all our District's children.  Elliot and his family have been residents of Millburn for 14 years and Elliot has demonstrated his commitment to Millburn/Short Hills through his involvement in numerous community activities.  He knows our community well and as a father of two, he understands the concerns that all parents have for their children's education.  As an educator with 21 years of experience, who currently teaches at the South Mountain School (South Orange), he has a truly unique perspective as a teacher that the other candidates do not. 

Elliot understands that our educational budget requires fiscal responsibility to effectively allocate and implement policies that will provide our children with the best available resources and opportunities.  He supports programs that promote best teaching practices, improve classroom management, and motivate our children to be active versus passive learners.  In addition, he is committed to integrating the latest technologies to provide our children with the most innovative learning experiences.  Elliot believes that Board policies and priorities that support these goals will once again return our District to be recognized as the leader in public education.   

Our children live in a rapidly evolving and advanced global community.  I think we all agree that it is critically important for our District to provide all our children with an exceptional and diverse educational experience that will help them towards their own future.  I believe that Elliot Cahn is the most uniquely qualified candidate to represent us and, more importantly, serve the best interests of our children as a member of the Millburn Board of Education.  Elliot has earned my trust, respect, and on November 6th, my vote. I hope you will support him too.

Neema Shakibai, M.D.