MILLBURN, NJ - The weather outside was frightening last Saturday.  But bad weather outside is a good day for chess.  The Millburn Library held its 37th annual children's chess tournament sponsored by The Friend's of the Millburn Library  With Neena Jindal leading the way, the extras this year included free pizza for the participants and coffee & hot tea for the parents.

24 local children fared the poor driving conditions to compete.  Section I (5-7) had 10 children battle it out.  Timothy Xie of South Mountain School scored 3 1/2 points and won the playoff to capture first place.  Aayan Mehta of Hartshorn also scored 3 1/2 with a draw against Timothy during the regular tournament to finish in second place.  Rishaan Gorde of Hartshorn finished 3-1 to round out the top three players.  Section II (8-10) had 11 players with Daniel Kates of Hartshorn winning all 4 of his games for clear first place.  Next came 3 players with a 3-1 score.  Let the playoffs begin.  After the three played the other 2, it was still tied and so another playoff.  But this cycle proved Daniel Han of Glenwood (although he plays for Wyoming) to be second place.  Adikansh Khanna of Deerfield captured third place with Ishaan Modi of Hartshorn as fourth place.  Section III (11-14) only had 3 players with Asgar Musaji of Millburn Middle School winning all 4 of his games to dominate for first place.  Siddarth Signal of Deerfield was second place with 2 points and Blake Russell of Millburn Middle School in third.

Scott Massey directed the tournament with very apt help from David Lazarus, chess instructor, and Joshua Warner of MMS.