Letter to the Editor;

Dear Friends, Residents and Millburn Township Constituents,

I am supporting Nic Volpicelli and Dr Sujoy Menon for the two open seats on the Millburn Township Committee this election year.

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I realize this may be confusing because I am a registered Democrat and have won my past two elections as a Democrat.

It would certainly have been easier for me to either endorse the entire Democratic line A ticket or to have done or said nothing. By making my rationale for the decision to cross over party lines, I have alienated both friends and neighbors and have been publicly insulted on Facebook. This has been extremely hurtful; I will not pretend otherwise. 

What most saddens me is that politics have gotten more personal and nastier both nationally and, unfortunately, locally. This may be the country in which we now live, but it is particularly damaging at the local level, when neighbors can’t have open, civil, intelligent discussions and good governance is misguided by feelings over facts.

I am supporting Nic and Sujoy, not just to be contrary. As many who follow our Township Committee meetings know, we have had a rough year gaining consensus on a number of issues although all 5 members are Democrats. The democratic process is supposed to be bipartisan; the most effective policies are a result of incorporating the best ideas from a diversity of committee members and stakeholders. I am supporting and voting for Nic and Sujoy because I strongly believe we have been voting party over good policy and became a partisan governing body. The Township Committee is overdue for fresh eyes and an alternative way of seeing the challenges before us.This is why I believe Nic and Sujoy are the best candidates for the 2 open seats. 

I am not passing judgement on anyone's choice to vote for the candidates they feel are the most qualified and will make and keep all of Millburn’s constituencies’ best interests first and foremost. My dedication to Millburn has been unwavering over my tenure on the Township Committee and I know, based on their analytical solutions to key issues, that Nic Volpicelli and Dr Sujoy Menon will bring a fresh approach and a strong commitment to their responsibilities.

However this election swings, I will continue to be open-minded and independent in my decisions.

As I have been told, "all politics start local". That being said, let's protect Millburn ❤ together. 

Thank you for taking my viewpoint into consideration when you vote this year,



Dianne Thall Eglow

Millburn Township Committee Member