To The Editor:

NJ legislative leaders are supporting a horrible amendment to the NJ Constitution, a purely political proposal to increase the ability of politicians to choose their voters. It would also embed the two-party system into the New Jersey Constitution, a blatant attempt to weaken third parties like the Green and Libertarian parties.

New Jersey would be much better served by a non-partisan redistricting process like California's, rather than a bi-partisan process designed to protect incumbents, party loyalists, and the parties themselves. Please call or write to your senator and assembly members to oppose SCR152 and ACR205 (and earlier SCR43 and ACR60).

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Editor's Note: The writer is a member of Westfield 20/20, a grassroots community of people who share news, information and strategies related to the mission of holding local, state and federal legislators accountable.

Bill Griffeth
Westfield, NJ

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