In 2012, the Millburn Board of Education (BOE) opted to move the April BOE elections to November. This move was heralded as a “money saving measure” and "get out the vote initiative" that collapsed all elections: Federal, State, local and school, into a single date – the first Tuesday in November.  In exchange, it was agreed that the school budget vote by the community, a 100-year tradition, was eliminated and put into the hands of the BOE -- as long as the budget did not exceed a 2% increase cap.  

Yet now, in January 2020, we have only recently been informed of the BOE’s January 28th Special Bond Referendum election for the amount of $20.5 Million. This comes as a complete surprise for many residents who may not be able to vote in this election due to travel or other plans. It also raises the suspicion that the BOE is trying to pull a fast one on the community by choosing to hold this Special Referendum now. On the face of it, there’s reason to be apprehensive – especially just two months after the November elections.

I would ask the BOE to explain why they opted to not honor the promise and agreement with the community of having all elections in November and why they foisted the unnecessary $50,000+ estimated cost for this Special Bond Referendum election onto the community.  Further, why did they choose January 28th, in the dead of winter, to hold this election while knowing full well that many residents may be out-of-town and not be aware of the election in time to make arrangements to vote by mail.