Dear Fellow Millburn and Short Hills Residents,

Having given the selection of a candidate for the upcoming Millburn Township Committee primary election some serious thought, I have come to the conclusion that Corey Biller has the credentials to move the Township forward in a positive manner.

I know that Corey will bring a new and positive sensibility to the Committee, one that is cooperative and well informed.  We have seen more than enough in-fighting on important issues that impact our quality of life.

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I am impressed by Corey’s ability to comprehend the various challenges facing the town.  Moreover, he maintains a positive attitude and keeps his campaign focused on the issues.

Corey has made it very clear that the Complete Streets project requires a new direction that is thoughtfully conceived, fiscally responsible and involves residents and business owners.

My decision to support Corey was the result of extensive discussion and serious thought.  After a hard look, it’s obvious to me which Democratic candidate will best represent the Township on all issues.  Please take the time to get to know Corey and I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I did.

Whether you support Corey or not, please join me in performing our civic duty and vote in the upcoming primary election on June 5, 2018. Since Corey is an “offline” candidate, please look for him on line E of the ballot.  

-Chris Drucker, Longtime resident and active volunteer