MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Morrow Church wants Maplewood to Cut the Light. Light bills that is.

The sun will begin generating about half of Morrow Church’s electricity needs thanks to a solar panel system. The system will dramatically reduce Morrow’s carbon footprint over its expected 25-year life. Morrow is inviting community members to cut their electricity bills and move to renewable energy.

This long-held ambition of the church’s Green Team was made possible by a generous donation by Fred and Sue Profeta. The Profetas are long-time, devoted members of the congregation.

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Fred Profeta also served as Mayor of Maplewood from 2004-2008, was a founder of the Maplewood Township Green Team, serves on the Board of Directors of GreenFaith, and was awarded the 2010 New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Leadership Excellence award.

Other members of the congregation are also contributing to the initiative and hope it will inspire others to follow Morrow’s lead.

Rev. Dr. Brad Motta, Morrow’s Sr. Pastor said, “We want to be a part of the energy revolution. We read John Cassidy’s piece in The New Yorker last month, reporting that solar energy prices will soon be comparable to natural gas. Some members have already received electricity bills of $0. Affordable renewable energy allows us to continue our earth-care work and not divert financial resources from important work such as supporting schools in Sierra Leone, the Achieve Foundation, IHN, MEND and so many other programs.”

To encourage neighbors to join the solar movement, Morrow Church will hold an event on Sunday, May 5 at 12:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall with representatives from EZ Energy, the partner installing Morrow’s solar system. 

“Morrow Church is a community building, providing space for scouts, classes, community meetings, groups of all types. We want to expand that hospitality in a healthy, sustainable way,” said Rev. Brenda Wheeler Ehlers of Morrow Church.

The solar project is another milestone in Morrow’s concerted efforts to be responsible stewards of the earth. Last year, after many years of actions ranging from reducing energy usage, meat consumption and food waste to studying the connections of faith to sustainable living, to marching on Washington, Morrow was awarded the GreenFaith certification.

In 2017 a renovation of the church’s sanctuary replaced all the lighting with LED and reduced energy consumption from 60,000 to 5,000 kWh annually. By participating in New Jersey’s Direct Install program, Morrow replaced most of the remaining fixtures and cut another 23,000 KwH.

Together the reduction in C02 emissions from these initiatives equals the amount absorbed by 50 acres of forest every year.

Morrow Church will install a to monitor on its Baker Street side of the building to show how much energy is being drawn from the sun instead of dirty energy sources. Morrow Green Team members are available to speak with neighbors about their work to move to clean energy; please email Jennifer Nielsen:

For more information, contact:

Morrow Memorial United Methodist Church

600 Ridgewood Road

Maplewood, NJ 07040

Phone: (973) 763-7676