MILLBURN, NJ - this past Wednesday, Millburn High School Chorus and Orchestra members performed a selection of pieces for their annual spring concert.

Students in various orchestra and chorus groups have been working on the pieces they performed since January. They used this opportunity to showcase their growth since then when they had never seen this set of music, to now, when they were proficient enough to perform for a full audience.

The concert opened with Chamber Strings, composed of the best instrumentalists in the school, followed by the Cantica Nova, the ninth grade chorus group. Then Symphony Orchestra performed with select band students. The concert wrapped up with the Miller Chorus and the traditional performance of a joint piece between Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

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Each group played a variety of music, representing traditional classical to more contemporary, such as Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Egmont Overture, Op. 84” and Alan Menken’s “Under the Sea.”

In order to prepare, students rehearsed during their designated music period every day. Once the concert date approached, however, students met at night and missed classes in order to make sure they performed with the most confidence possible.

Regarding the amount of time and effort each individual musician contributed, violist for Chamber Strings and Symphony orchestra, Syon Lee, said, “I think that the practice since January came together because the pieces required everyone section to know their part very well.”

It was clear from the audience reactions, that they could definitely hear and appreciate the results. After the concert, Chamber Strings and Symphony Orchestra, Flora Yousefi, told her students “I am proud and humbled to have been able to work with all of you this year.”

Besides the night being significant as a showcase of student talent, the concert also marked the last concert for Jessica Peirce, Cantica Nova and Miller Chorus conductor. At the end of the concert, chorus students marked their appreciation with bouquets of flowers, a signed card, and words of thanks. Students made the effort to show Peirce the impact she had on their musical lives.

This spring concert wrapped up the high school concert season, leaving open many possibilities for the next school year, with seniors moving on and rising freshmen coming in.