MILLBURN, NJ - Summer is over, but over the past few months, the school district has been busy improving and repairing schools all over the district.

At Monday night's meeting, the Millburn Board of Education (BOE) heard from the Director of Buildings and Grounds Paul McDevitt, who walked the board through all the repairs undertaken over the past few months.

Speaking with TAPinto after the meeting, McDevitt said that even witha condensed time frame, his department was able to accomplish a great deal.

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"It was a great feeling to see so much get accomplished," McDevitt said. "A lot of hard work went into it along the way, both from our own employees and then obviously a lot of contractors involved. The challenge with working with public schools; you're trying to compress six months of work in a two-month period, so it's always the biggest challenge."

McDevitt also said all the projects undertaken were key in helping students to return to a welcoming and productive environment and reach their highest potential.

McDevitt's assessment was echoed by BOE president Alex Zaltsman, who spoke about the importance of the projects undertaken in the district.

"I'm very grateful to the leadership [and] management of that department," Zaltsman said. "For not only completing them but completing them on time. These projects affect the daily lives of our students and our staff, so I'm very grateful for them being diligent...and going above and beyond."

Zaltsman added, "I think it's very important because they shouldn't be concerned abut bathrooms not working or falling on the sidewalk or some other part of the school that should have been replaced...they should focus on learning and this helps with that."

As McDevitt presented at the meeting, he walked the board through all the projects. The major projects are listed below:

  • Millburn High School:
  • Retrofit of 56 classroom ventilators and 13 ceiling units
  • Flooring replacement in the main office, nurse's office and room 215
  • Bleacher replacement and resurfacing of the auxiliary gym/new scoreboards
  • Replacement of the maintenance building roof/repainting
  • Art wing corridor ceiling and lighting replacement
  • Tennis court resurfacing and new paint job


  • Millburn Middle School:
  • Library renovation
  • Guidance suite renovation
  • Sidewalk adjustments
  • Room 310 flooring abatement
  • new shed and ride-on mower
  • PTO placement of outdoor tables in the courtyard


  • Washington School:
  • Paving of main lot, horseshoe and rear of school
  • Boiler replacement 
  • New ride-on mower
  • New school sign (PTO donation)


  • Deerfield:
  • Restroom renovations
  • Flooding prevention in rooms 124, 125, 126
  • Basketball court (PTO donation)
  • Ride-on mower and grounds equipment


  • Glenwood:
  • Pothole repairs
  • New Shed
  • New ride-on mower


  • Hartshorn:
  • Paving of main lot, loops and rear drive
  • Sidewalk replacement in select areas
  • Safer sidewalks
  • Flooring replacement in multiple classrooms and offices
  • Sewer line repair phase 1
  • Gym wall padding replacement and sound system


  • South Mountain:
  • Gymnasium HVAC upgrades
  • Parking lot repaving
  • New parking
  • Exterior stair and sidewalk replacement
  • Gym and stage floor refinishing


  • Wyoming:
  • Paving rear lot and Slayton access
  • Sidewalk replacement (rear of gym)
  • ADA-compliant sidewalk access to the playground
  • Faculty restroom renovations
  • Gym corridor drop ceiling and lighting replacement
  • Gym floor sanding and refinishing
  • Cafeteria renovations


  • Millburn Ed Center:
  • Carpet replacement in select spots
  • New office for Special Services Director
  • Front doors replaced