MILLBURN, NJ — After the newest members of the Millburn Board of Education (BOE) were sworn in at last week's reorganization meeting, the first full BOE meeting of 2020 saw the committee assignments decided.

Committees will consist of local school board members. According to The School Superintendent's Association, some of the advantages of committees are that they can specialize in complex issues, help to review pending board decisions and also think long term about the district’s direction.

The committees for this year's Millburn BOE will be made of the following members:

Committee Chair Member Member Member
Property Oyin Owolabi Jamie Serruto Sonali Ganti Jon Green
Program Sonali Ganti Louie Shen Caroline Updyke Cori Haase
Finance Danielle Prieto Cori Hasse Jamie Serruto Jon Green
Policy Cori Haase Jon Green Danielle Prieto Louie Shen
Negotiations Jon Green Alex Zaltsman Oyin Owolabi //////////////////
Board Staff Alex Zaltsman Caroline Updyke Oyin Owolabi Sonali Ganti
Student Liaison Caroline Updyke Louie Shen Oyin Owolabi Alex Zaltsman
Personnel Louie Shen Oyin Owolabi Jon Green Danielle Prieto
Communications Jamie Serruto Louie Shen Alex Zaltsman Caroline Updyke

There are also several external organizations the BOE deals with. The following members were selected to the positions:

Committee NJSBA Liaison Joint Facilities GSCS Liaison PTOC Liaison Township Committee Liaison
Member(s) Oyin Owolabi Jamie Serruto Caroline Updyke Caroline Updyke, Sonali Ganti Alex Zaltsman, Jon Green, Jamie Serruto