Calendar Information

As you know the calendars for the school years from 2018 through 2021 have been under discussion.  In the coming week the Administration and Board of Education Program Committee will be reviewing final versions of these calendars to provide the appropriate balance of education, vacation, professional development and inclement weather days.   We will then share final options for community input. 

For information on the calendar development process, here is my presentation from Monday night’s BOE meeting.

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Google Field Trip

Earlier this week a team of administrators visited Google headquarters in New York for a tour of their facility, and meetings with Googlers, including Adam Lutz, the lead designer for Google NY. They provided insights on designing for innovation and creativity, how to adapt spaces for flexible uses and requirements, and creating a culture of collaboration.  We will take inspiration from this trip to inform our planning for the Innovation Spaces to be constructed at the Middle and High Schools next summer. 

Join our tour for some Google inspiration here…

Health & Wellness

Our 2017-2018 health and wellness initiatives are underway. At a time when a New York Times article this week asks “Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety?” it is more important than ever that we focus on ways we can help our students learn healthy habits and behaviors.

Here are a few recent and upcoming events:

  • The high school has started a program, beginning with freshmen, on three realms of student needs:  Addressing adversity;  Creating balance; and Effective communication -- or ACE.
  • On Wednesday, October 11th, freshman students had an assembly with a leading authority on stress management, Lisa Athan. Her focus was on strategies, skills, supports, and successes. The presentation addressed ways to deal with adversity, create balance in our lives, and effectively communicate with the people around us. Places for students to receive support were discussed, such as the 2nd Floor Helpline and reaching out to a trusted adult. The assembly promoted an overall well-being through exercise, spending time in nature, and connecting to people we care about. 
  • More information about A.C.E. can be found at the MHS Student Center: Student Center:  (
  • MMAC Empower Hour is back with a timely topic on Tuesday, October 17 – Anxiety And Stress As The New Norm, 11 am at the Millburn Public Library.  All parents are welcome as therapist Nancy Kislin facilitates a discussion on how today’s anxieties and stresses are affecting families, and provides strategies that will help you and your child navigate tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.
  • Mark your calendar for the first of this year’s Parent Wellness Series presented by the School District Consortium. Hidden in Plain Sight  -- Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 6:30 pm at Summit High School will be an eye-opening opportunity to walk through a simulated bedroom and learn about the teen hazards that are often in plain sight.