I want to thank our principals, teachers and staff for the energy and enthusiasm they have put into making next week’s make-up days on Thursday and Friday something to look forward to.  There are many events planned at each of our schools, and I promise that they will be meaningful and special. 

I also want to thank our elementary school principals and teachers for the many efforts underway to give their Glenwood School friends, both students and staff, a warm welcome! We appreciate your understanding and support of the need to house our Glenwood Gators at another school for a couple of days. 

description: macintosh hd:users:nancy.dries:downloads:wally krug flyer 2018 (1).jpegIt is Autism Awareness Month, and our schools are Lighting it Up Blue in many ways. Middle School Peer Leaders tie-dyed shirts, and sold them to raise funds for autism organizations.  MMS staff and students wore them today to raise awareness.

Have a wonderful weekend – see you on Thursday!