MILLBURN, NJ - At the Millburn Board of Education (BOE) meeting this past Monday, two new members were sworn in to bring the board back to full capacity.

In a special selection process, John Westfall-Kwong and Sonali Ganti were selcted from a field of 11 potential candiates to replace the previous BOE Vice-President Kate Foss and Jennifer Woodhouse, both of whom stepped down early.

At the most recent meeting, Westfall-Kwong and Ganti assumed their positions on the board,returning the BOE to nine members. Westfall-Kwong had previously served as the BOE president during his term from 2013-2016, while Ganti is new to the role.

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For Westfall-Kwong, being on the board again gives him a valuable opportunity to help current board members with his wealth of experience.

"I think it's more helping the rest of the board members achieve their goals," he said. "Being on the policy committee, I think I talked a little bit about that tonight, digging down a bit deeper in HIB enforcement as well.

Westfall-Kwong added, "but my broader bigger goal is just to help te whole board move forawrd in terms of being able to take action more quickly because its a newer board and just being able, along with Ms. [Emily] Jaffe, to help people onboard quicly so they can get work done."

And for Ganti, having a chairing role in a new position on the board is something that is exciting for her, and an opportunity that she wants to make to most of.

""I'm really excited that I'm chairing the program committee," she said. "To me that is something that's right up my alley. I'm excited about working with things like what we're talking about today, about raising awareness about diversity and calutral awareness. those are things that are near and dear to my heart."

The next Millburn BOE meeting will be held on Feb 11 at 7:45 p.m. in the Education Center