Local Short Hills resident, Melissa Goldberg, hosts the Eat Well, Travel Often podcast about food, travel, the environment, mind, body and spirit. This week Goldberg talks with Ralph Nader, political activist, author, lecturer and attorney, about what it was like for him growing up, his relationship to food and how important it is to have safety laws in the food industry and his new cookbook, The Ralph Nader and Family Cookbook

For more than 50 years, Ralph Nader has been working to increase governmental and corporate accountability.  His first book in 1965, Unsafe at Any Speed, was instrumental in forcing the auto industry to install seatbelts in cars, and ever since, Nader has been synonymous with consumer protection. 

Ralph’s continuing advocacy has been instrumental in changing food policy. And now, over 50 years after his first book, Ralph Nader has published a cookbook! The Ralph Nader and Family Cookbook shares the cuisine of Nader’s upbringing, with Lebanese dishes inspired by his mother’s recipes.  

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Launched in January, 2020, the Eat Well, Travel Often podcast has become a weekly, must-listen for anyone with an interest in food, travel, the environment, mind, body and spirit. Conceived of and hosted by Melissa Goldberg, who, over the course of her adult life has been focused on how to build an integrated community around food, health, wellness, and the environment. These are all related and understanding these interrelationships helps us look at life as a holistic system and teaches us how to connect with each other to create a loving and thriving community.

On Eat Well, Travel Often, Goldberg talks with farmers, foragers, cookbook authors, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. All have one thing in common — the people she speaks with are trying to better everyone’s lives through their work and passion. These are the people who inspire her to be a better person. Recent episodes include Robin Peacock, the executive director of MEND NJ, a group of local Essex County food pantries, who shares the growing needs of those who are food insecure, Maryn McKenna, an independent journalist and author,  who has reported on outbreaks like H5N1, anthrax, West Nile, SARS, H1N1, and Ebola, and now COVID-19, John Krueger, Circle Brook Farm, who talks about the growing problems of being a farmer from climate change, to worker availability to now safety with COVID-19, and even a cannibis infused chef who goes by Jeff the 420 Chef.   

To listen go the www.eatwelltraveloften.net or Apple Podcast and search for Eat Well, Travel Often.