MILLBURN, NJ - There is going to be a new turf field in Millburn. That process was started with the passage of three new resolutions at Tuesday's Milburn Township committee meeting.

Resolution 19-167 authorized the township to advertise for bids in parking lot construction at the field, as there may be new spaces added during construction. Resolution 19-168 authorized M. Disko Associates of Kenilworth as the professional engineering firm on the project.

It also said that the amount paid to the firm for their work was not to exceed the amount of $49,905.00. The final resolution, 19-169 was the one doing the most lifting. It authorized the joint improvement of the library field, which is known in planning board terms as block 1304, lots 1 and 16.

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The joint effort will be undertaken by Millburn Township and the Board of Education and is being funded through bond financing. Millburn put out for bond fundraising in the amount of $850,000.00. In the plan, it was announced that the field will also be shared in a 20-year lease between the Township, the board and community groups using the field.

All scheduling of the field will be handled by the recreation department.

The final plan for the area is for a 50-yard by 100-yard turf field, new fencing on the site and the potential inclusion of a new parking area at the site. As per the joint agreement, the township and the board will also pay for turn replacement ten years after installation.

There will be a special township committee meeting on Tuesday, July 30 at 8:00 a.m. regarding further details of the turf field