MILLBURN, NJ - Tuesday's township committee meeting found residents voicing their displeasure over a proposed development settlement concerning a planned 62-unit building in Short Hills.

Yesterday's planning board meeting was a continuation of the same themes, with dozens of town residents once again packing the second-floor chambers to hear the Millburn Planning Board deliberate on the two connected ordinances related to the project.

The first was the settlement itself. The second was a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance for the building. While there was no public comment at Wednesday's meeting, it was a step in the process of bringing the settlement up for discussion and debate.

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The planning board acted as it does in an advisory role to take a look at both and offer its input. As with Tuesday's meeting, planning board member Cheryl Burstein had to recuse herself from the proceedings because of her law firm's connection to the Silverman Group.

After discussion amongst the members of the planning board, the settlement itself was voted on and approved. The only planning board member to vote against it was Elaine Becker. The second half, in which the board looked at a proposed change to the zoning ordinances for the building named in the settlement was a mixed bag.

The board voted that several aspects of the building's construction did not fit the master plan, which they noted in a letter. The members then voted to send the letter to the township committee, for their decision making on the settlement.

While the township committee can and will take a look at the advice of the planning board, they do not need to consult it before pursuing the project.

Having partially passed muster in the eyes of the planning board, the settlement now heads back to the township committee for the public hearing and final reading with the option of passage on Sept. 17.

At that night's township meeting, residents will have a chance to speak for the last time before the township committee votes on the settlement.