MILLBURN, NJ - The Millburn Recreation Department presented their 2018 Outstanding Service Award and Recreators of the Year Awards at the township’s Board of Recreation Commission’s December 2018 meeting.

This Outstanding Service award is given out to a full time employee, volunteer (coach, commissioner, staff member), part-time staff member (employed) or member of the community who has shown dedication, commitment, and has made significant contributions through outstanding and distinctive service to the recreation department and recreation programs over a number of years.  This years winner is Kurt Smith.  Kurt started coaching for in Millburn Recreation back in 2004 coaching Little League Baseball and In-Town basketball.  He began coaching in our football program back in 2008 and finished up his last season in 2017.  He coached for 14 years the last 5 years after his kids had aged out of our programs showing dedication and the true spirit of volunteerism.

“Over the years Kurt has been a wonderful example to all the players he comes in contact with on and off the field or court”

The Millburn Recreation Department’s Recreators of the Year Award is in honor George Bauer the former longtime Recreation Director.  This award is given out to a current 9th grader who has displayed sportsmanship and leadership qualities while actively and enthusiastically participating in Recreation programs.  Award winners were chosen by members of the Recreation Dept. staff as well as past and present coaches.  This year’s Recreator of the Year Award Winners are Maxine Herbst and Evan Feldman.