MILLBURN, NJ - At Tuesday's Millburn Township Committee meeting, Mayor Diane Thall-Eglow read the first monthly summary during her committee report from the Pedestrian And Circulation Traffic Safety Committee (PACTS), an ad-hoc committee designed to look at areas of need in traffic and safety.

"We identified several target areas that cause the most distress and congestion in and around downtown," Thall-Eglow said. "This group will continue to look at these top targets and categorize them into three buckets."

According to Thall-Eglow, the first bucket will consist of "quick hit" fixes, like paint and signage, that are low-cost with little or no construction. The second bucket would be more moderate changes, that may require more time and funding than the previous category.

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The third and final bucket would be more long-term changes that would require the most time, capital investment and possible disruption to commuters and pedestrians.

During her report, Thall-Eglow gave examples of each type of classification. The first example that she described was PACTS looking to create a designated right turn lane on Millburn Avenue on to Spring Street. A moderate change that Thall-Eglow used as an example would be the large bump-out on the corner across from Bluemercury.

The committee would look to remove the bump-out as a way to ease traffic flow. A moderate-to long-term fix listed by Thall-Eglow at the meeting was fixing the parking lots around the Municipal Building near the Dunkin Donuts. As far as a long-term solution, Thall-Eglow mentioned the Millburn Train station and said PACTS would look at areas regarding pickup and traffic flow.

Thall-Eglow concluded her report by saying PACTS will continue to work towards traffic solutions.