WEST ORANGE, NJ — The art and science of making a great denture is a specialty that Dr. Effie Deegan of Deegan Dental in West Orange prides herself in so that her patients can eat comfortably with their dentures while also having a pleasing, natural-looking smile.

Dr. Deegan’s dentures are custom fitted to each patient's anatomy using specialized techniques such as border molding and careful measurements of his or her ideal jaw position to make the patient's bite feel even. During the try-in phase, Dr. Deegan will set the teeth individually to achieve the patient's ideal look and support his or her lips and facial features nicely.

With the use of the highest-quality materials available, Dr. Deegan gives patients the opportunity to custom-design their smile with dentures that she says will still look great years from now. According to Dr. Deegan, a few well-placed implants under the dentures can also secure them tightly so that patients never have to worry about floppy dentures or chewy food ever again. 

Dr. Deegan is a board certified Prosthodontist and has bought happiness to many suffering denture patients. Click HERE to learn more.