MILLBURN, NJ — In an update from the Millburn Police Department, residents are urged to be vigilant for the re-emergence of a scam targeting senior citizens.

During the scam, the caller poses as an attorney and falsely reports that one of their loved ones has been arrested. The caller then requests bail money in cash and that a bondsman will come to their home to pick up the money.

The police department urges the senior population and their loved ones be vigilant of these types of scams. If you encounter suspicious activity:

  • Call the Millburn Police at (973) 564-7001
  • Contact the loved one or another relative of the person who has been “arrested” to verify the story
  • Do not buy prepaid gift cards, transfer any money or make any payments
  • Do not provide any banking information
  • Do not offer any information on where valuable items are stored in your home