MILLBURN, NJ - For their work in helping to combat drunk and drugged driving in Millburn, two Millburn Police Officers were recently awarded by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with distinguished service awards for 2018.

Officer Donald Royce, in his fourth year with the department, and Officer Anthony Aliotta, in his fifth year with the department were both honored for their work. According to Captain Mike Mulligan of the Millburn Police, MADD works with the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety to honor officers for their work in driving enforcement for drunk and impaired drivers.

Officers Royce and Aliotta got involved with MADD based upon the performance of their duties and enforcement of drunk and impaired motorists and from recommendations from the Millburn Police Department. Nominated Officers were recommended based upon their performance for the 2018 year.

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According to Mulligan, Millburn Officers have been recognized in the past by MADD for their enforcement efforts.

Speaking with TAPinto Millburn/Short Hills, both officers said that it was nice to be recognized for their work.

"It's a nice honor," Royce said. "To just be recognized for being out there and trying to enforce drunk and drugged drivers and get them off the road."

For Aliotta and Royce, the ability to potentially save the life of other motorists by taking a drunk or impaired driver off the road is a greater reward than just the certificate.

"[Just] knowing that someone made it home safe and they weren't hit or killed by a drunk driver or got in an accident," Aliotta said. "Knowing that we took someone off the road that night that could have prevented a tragedy."

Royce added, "It's more of a reward knowing that we possibly saved someone's life than [getting an] actual paper certificate."

Officer Royce noted that working a consistent night shift allows the department more time to patrol, which they use to patrol. And Officer Aliotta said that because the volume of calls coming in during the night is lower, it allows him, Royce and other officers on the force to be proactive.

"It feels nice to show the residents what we actually do on nights and how we're out there actually enforcing," Royce said. He also noted that not all drunk and impaired driving calls come in a night, with some being logged during the day shift hours.

"I feel it's a nice impact on the residents, knowing we are out there, actively keeping the streets safe in Millburn," Royce added.