I am indeed honored to have been unanimously endorsed by both the Middlesex County Republican Organization and the Somerset County Republican Organization as their New Jersey State Senate candidate for the 17th Legislative District (Franklin, Milltown, Piscataway, New Brunswick & North Brunswick) in the June 2017 Republican Primary election.

I am a 1998 graduate of East Brunswick High School, a 2002 graduate of Rutgers College in New Brunswick, and a 2005 graduate of Seton Hall University School of Law. My wife Rochelle and I are proud to have made Franklin Township our home since we were married in 2006, and we have since put down roots in the community, raising our 3 children - Emma (8), Sophia (5) and Ethan (2) here. Franklin is where we became homeowners, and where I became a business owner, opening my own law practice on Davidson Avenue, Kipnis Law Offices, where I proudly welcome and serve clients from our community with their important legal matters.

As a litigator with over a decade of experience appearing in courts throughout all 21 Counties of the State representing both individuals and business entities alike, I pride myself on being a voice for those facing adversity in their time of need. There has never been more adversity with respect to the crisis of affordability of living in New Jersey than there is right now. This is most certainly not the Garden State we know it could and should be. We are currently #1 in the nation in outmigration to other states, distressed mortgages, and young adults living with their parents. Raising taxes, enacting even more burdensome regulations, and engaging in a vicious cycle of irresponsible borrowing and spending are NOT acceptable reactions by our State Legislators to this adversity. 

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If we continue on that trajectory, the financial condition of the State and our people will indeed become broken beyond repair. More businesses of all sizes will close their doors, and the space they occupied will sit vacant for months and even years at a time. More parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren alike will be forced to move out of State, perhaps unable to afford to see each other more than a couple times a year. That just isn't something that I can sit on the sidelines and allow to happen - nor should anyone. With all 120 seats in our State Legislature up for election this year, as well as the office of Governor, each and every voter has the unbelievable power to set our Garden State on the path to a proud and prosperous future by exercising their right to vote.

We have never needed to embark on a bold new direction more than we do right now, and I am committed to creating never-before-seen opportunity for all New Jerseyans. I will consider the impact of any decision I make in office not upon the next election cycle, but rather, the next generation. I'm not merely satisfied with working in Trenton to bring jobs to New Jersey, but rather, careers, including paths to business ownership. I will fight to protect our environment for the benefit and well-being of our children and our children's children, as well as our animal friends. I will advocate for tax relief from every possible angle, because I believe your money is best left in your hands, and NOT the hands of career politicians and/or their appointees who time and time again bring us little-to-no-to-negative return on it. As someone who has earned a post-graduate degree, I know and appreciate the value of education, and will work to improve the quality of education as well as the quality of life of our dedicated teachers, all the while working to achieve property tax relief by responsibly reforming our school funding system. I will also be the greatest friend in Trenton that our law enforcement community has ever had, and will help our officers forge enduring bonds with the communities they serve and protect. Above all, I will provide unprecedented levels of constituent service and transparency, as it is my every intention to redefine the expectations of voters in the 17th District of what THEIR State Senator could and should be. I will listen to and address your concerns. I will keep you informed of bills and resolutions before the Legislature which would impact your finances, freedoms, and families, and bring your voices with me to Trenton always. With so many divisive and polarizing figures in politics today, I would like to bring back civility, honest discourse, and what it means to be a true representative of ALL people - as we must face the myriad of issues plaguing our State united together, rather than divided, in order to meaningfully resolve them. Regardless of how you have ever voted in any election before, know that I will tenaciously serve you with honor, with respect, and without hesitation. 

I, therefore, humbly and respectfully request your support and vote on Election Day.