SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Perfection in anything is unusual. However, it is an honor recently earned by Spotswood High School alumnus, Debendro Mookerjee. Mookerjee was the salutatorian for the Class of 2017 and recently joined a very select group of students. The Spotswood native was one of 112 students in the world to earn every available point on the Computer Science Advanced Placement exam.

Mookerjee took the exam in May of 2017, receiving a score of five. Students are graded on Advanced Placement exams on a scale of one to five with five being the highest score. A five is equivalent to earning an A in the corresponding college level class. Mookerjee is the first Spotswood High School alumnus to achieve perfection on the AP Computer Science examination.

According to statistics provided by the College Board, in 2017 a total of 511 students from around the globe received all possible points on 23 of the 37 Advance Placement exams administered last year. Students enter that very select club by correctly answering every multiple choice question and receiving full credit for the free-response portion of the test. In 2017, 50 schools had two students that earned perfect AP scores and one school had a student earn a perfect score on two AP exams.

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"Attaining a perfect score is rare indeed," Spotswood High School Principal Thomas Calder said. "Not only do I applaud Debendro, I also commend Gary Hull for his ability to challenge, motivate and teach our students. He is clearly an inspirational teacher who continually goes above and beyond for all of his students."

Hull has been a Business, Vocational and Technical teacher at Spotswood High School since 2003. He is also a former president of the Central Jersey Computer Science Teachers Association. Last year, two of Hull's computer science students, Shivani Vyas and Jenna Bousellam, created an app that rewards students for staying off of their cell phones while on school grounds.