SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Learning to play a musical instrument is challenging, but trying to do it virtually is even harder. Appleby Elementary School fourth graders began playing their chosen musical instrument four months ago when the Spotswood School District began the 2020-21 academic year virtually. This week the young musicians premiered their first official concert virtually on YouTube. Students recorded their individual parts and the performances were then mixed together by Appleby Band Director Michael Bartlett for the virtual Fourth Grade Band Winter Concert.

The students performed "Hot Cross Buns" and the Spanish folk song "A la Rueda" together. Clarinet players performed "Lightly Row" while the trombones played "Country Walk." The short concert also included "Drum Solo #13" by the percussion section and "Oats & Beans & Barley Grow" by the trumpet players. Each selection was introduced by a fourth grade musician. Appleby's Fourth Grade Band's first concert can be viewed on YouTube.