SPOTSWOOD, NJ - It was with "deepest pride and greatest pleasure" that Belle, Gaston, Lumiere and a lively cast of characters from the Spotswood High School Drama Club's upcoming production of "Beauty And The Beast" entertained a group of children ranging in ages from two to 10 on Saturday at the Spotswood High School Cafetorium.

The performers donned their costumes from the March production as well as their characters' personas as they played with the children that had come to the enchanted event. Some little ones came dressed in princess costumes like Zoe and Emery who were dressed as Anna and Elsa from the Disney princess favorite "Frozen" while others checked out the family-friendly activities, making sure that mom and dad were close by.

The kids made either a crown or a beast mask before embarking on a journey through the enchanted village that included making a rose, singing with Gaston's silly girls and listening to a story from Belle. Of course there were snacks on hand because the children were definitely hungry after the exciting hunt with the beast. Before the youngsters and their parents headed on their way, they were treated to a sneak preview of the high school's upcoming production of the popular musical "Beauty And The Beast."

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Opening night is Thursday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. There will be additional performances on Friday, March 9 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 10. There will be a 1 p.m matinee performance on March 10 as well as a 6:30 p.m. evening performance. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for seniors, students and children. The drama club will also have a free performance on Wednesday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m. for senior citizens. This performance will also serve as a dress rehearsal. Tickets for the March 8, March 9 and March 10 performances will be sold at the door.

The cast of the upcoming production includes Matt Crandall, Devin Ryan, Maia Revilla, Connor Jaedicke, Delaney Yaniak, Adi Zacks, Clara Melvin, Emily Bell, Jeremiah Lalicon, Sean Wesen, Jenna Citro, Jada Fenner, Abby Johnson, Lindsay Michaels, Liana Yanchuk, Emma Savarese, Allyson Shulman, Carla Robbins, Isabella Patrone-Black, Megan Flanagan, Skylar Provell, Nicole Garced, Melanie Alluso, Sabrina Farrell, Erin Wronko, Danny Hanna and Winter Shrek.

They student-performers are joined by a hard-working student-production crew that includes Daniel Pinella, Gabrielle Ignotis, Megan McCook, Ronald Contard, Chloe Donelan, Shannon Longmore, Emily Rocha, Sherry Sharoupin, Solomon Tyson, Emily Levolella, Ricky Roodriguez, Rachel Carson, Marie Gallegos, Sean Duffy, Melanie Alluso, Ashley Dzergoski, Alyse Messeroll, Ginny Nason, Kyra Smith, Ian DeBoer, Matt Bender, Justin, Fiorello, Norberto Garcia, Kaitlyn Dwyer and Samantha Wasserman.

The production is under the direction of Spotswood High School English teacher, Annie Raczko. Sarah Carino-Koza, the Spotswood High School Band Director, is the show's musical director while fellow English teacher Dominic Sposato is the technical director. Spotswood High School Math teacher, Melissa Markle is the musical's choreographer. Jeff Michaels, a Vocational teacher at the high school, is the set designer and master carpenter. Michaels' Construction III class is also assisting in the set construction.