EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - At around 5:15 this afternoon, East Brunswick's Matthew Jones said goodbye to his three-month-old KIA SUV when he collided into another driver at the intersection of Starkin Road and Riva Avenue.  The other driver was making a left turn onto Riva Avenue when she was "blinded by the sun" and crashed into Jones.

Jones sustained no injuries, but the the female driver involved in the collision was taken away in an ambulance because, as police on the scen noted, "she was shaken up and bounced around a bit."  Police indicated that she had no discernable serious injuries. 

Jones's car sustained heavy damage to the front end, and the other car had a door removed to release the trapped driver.  In addition to the EBPD and ambulance services, the Brookdale Fire Department responded ot the incident. 

The speed limit on Riva Avenue, an east-west thoroughfare in a residential section of East Brunswick, is 40 miles per hour.