EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -   Bowne-Munro Elementary School was the seen of an explosion of energy last Friday as all grades participated in a school-wide Dance -a -thon to "show the love" to Elijah's Promise for Valentine's Day.  Silento's Watch Me Nae Nae boomed in the sound system, and there was no open space on the gym floor as students slpped, slided, and break-danced to earn the pledged support.  (Read: "Hey, Grandma, can you please ...) About $1,200 was raised for the large local food bank with the motto "Food Changes Lives."

Principal Joyce Boley said that "the students chose Elijah's Promise to receive their donations. They were happy to contribute to local efforts to end hunger."  She added, "It's good to teach children to give back to the community."

Also involved in the "Full Hearts - Full Bellies" event were sponsors Davis Realtors, Chili's of East Brunswick, Gusto Grill, First Position School of Dance in Milltown, and Buffalo Wild Wings of North Brunswick. 

Teachers were supportive and enthusiastic, having some end-of-the-week fun with the kids.  Students were singing and dancing alone or in groups to their favorite songs.  However there was no song more popular than this one, which elicited delighted screams from some girls and disparaging groans from some boys: