SPOTSWOOD, NJ - What? Star Wars Day isn't an official holiday? While May 4 won't be a day off from school or work, for Star Wars fans it's still a day for celebration. Since 2011, fans of the franchise megahit Star Wars have set aside May 4 to celebrate the George Lucas film series than encompasses more than just the eight blockbuster movies. The idea quickly spread like wildfire thanks to social media and today Star Wars themed events and parties are all the rage on May 4.

The Spotswood Public Library is joining in on the fun with their second annual Star Wars Day. The event is free and open to kids from grades kindergarten and up. It will feature a whole host of cool Star Wars crafts and activities. Participants can make their own lightsaber, Yoda puppet, BB-8 and more. Registration for Star Wars Day is required and can be done online at the library's website or by telephoning the Spotswood Public Library at 732-251-1515.

The Spotswood Public Library is located at 548 Main Street. 

May the fourth be with you!