We shot the film entirely in East Brunswick:
The School:  Warnsdorfer
Jake's House:  my parent's house
The park/woods: Country Lane Park
Says Morrison of his "on location" filming in East Brunswick, "It was very important for me to film this in town because of how personal the story was for me.  I went through a very similar situation when I was Jake's age.  The notebooks he uses in the film are the same ones I used for my own superhero drawings in elementary school (I called my hero Z-Lightning, which is given a small subtle nod via the lightning bolts on Jake's shirt towards the end).  I also used my bedroom as Jake's bedroom.  Granted, the fight at the end never happened!  But everything about my classmate Yi's original script resonated with me, so I wanted to keep this film as close-to-home as possible.  We spent the 3-day shoot period camping out at my parent's house in EB, which, despite the chaos that always comes with filmmaking, was so much fun.  It was like summer camp.
There were many day-of conflicts during shooting--several scenes got cut and our schedule was rearranged on the day, every day.  I have so much love and respect for the whole crew--everyone stepped up, rolled with it, and helped each other out.  They're all exceptionally talented at what they do!"