EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Get ready because this ain't your old man's Chamber of Commerce! 

The East Brunswick Regional Chamber of Commerce will hold its monthly meeting at the accounting offices of Wilkin and Guttenplan, located at 1200 Tices Lane, from 5:30 to 7:30.  The meeting -which includes refreshments - is free for members or $20 for non-members.  The focus will be placed on "Tax Reform: Impact on You and Your Business." 

Guest speakers Karen Artasanchez and Lauren Landolfi will highlight important elements of tax reform and the financial impact these changes will bring.

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The East Brunswick Regional Chamber of Commerce is building momentum and energizing the business and professional community in a way the old-fashioned "business-card exchange" meeting format couldn't encompass.  The Chamber has gotten its new year on the rails with progressive, informative meetings that focus on the needs and direction of the township's growing number of independent and franchise businesses.  

Last month, the members focused on self-awareness and emotional intelligence on the workplace.  The discussion was led by East Brunswick's Tracy L. Fink, a mindfulness teacher and communications expert, who was recognized as one of the top "intrapreneurs" in New Jersey. "An "intrapreneur," says Fink, "is someone who impacts a company and builds success from within by creating an engaging business model." 

At the meeting, Fink spoke about building emotional intelligence through mindfulness.  "When we practice mindfulness, "she said, " We build self-awareness which is the foundation of emotional intelligence.  Self-awareness, in this context, is having clarity of one's own and others' emotions."

Fink led the group through two mindfulness practice exercises to collect attention and to become more present. "Collecting attention and letting it rest on the breath often brings a result of calmness, clarity, and a natural sense of happiness," she said. 

Anyone interested in joining the East Brunswick Regional Chamber of Commerce can visit the them on the township's website