EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - East Brunswick High School student, Cole Harris created a volunteer program to help coaches and players of the East Brunswick Baseball League. Harris describes the program as “fitting a need in the EB community”.

The program was created after Harris had been involved in EBBL for many years and realized that the coaches could use some help. After the idea was created Harris asked other students to become involved and volunteer with all different age group travel teams in EBBL. There are six student volunteers, myself included who have all been involved in EBBL.  They bring their knowledge and passion for the game. The volunteers help out the coaches as much as they can at the practices and games. Not only do the volunteers receive community service hours but it also gives them an opportunity to spread their love and knowledge for baseball. Cole Harris states that "The program helps on two fronts. The first is that it gives coaches access to additional help to better support the players. Second, it provides kids with the opportunity to interact with high school  athletes which will hopefully inspire them to continue their baseball career"

This volunteer program will be for the duration of the Summer and potentially for the Fall season. If you are interested or wanting more information you can contact Harris at colexharris@gmail.com .